Neuro Connect Shaft Bands

Neuro Connect Infused Golf Shaft Bands

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Get the most of your game with Neuro Connect INFUSED shaft bands. Optimize the function of your core muscles and joint function involved in your golf swing. Improve biomechanics! Improve balance, rhythm, and strength. Easy to apply to your golf shaft.

The Neuro Connect INFUSED Shaft Bands are fitted just below each grip. A field emitted by the shaft bands intersects with the central nervous system when the club is swung around the body. Swinging with an INFUSED shaft band immediately enhances the function of nerve receptors in muscles and joints. 15 shaft bands per package. Can be used on other sporting equipment such as baseball bats.

How it works:

Neuro Connect is the first ever wearable technology to circulate a subtle energy pattern. Seven years of clinic-based research is suggesting that the technology may be helping to improve Central Nervous System response optimizing muscle and joint function improving your ability to balance, control movement and maintain strength.

  • Specialized nerve receptors embedded in our muscles and joints are supposed to be in constant communication with our brain.
  • They measure the amount movement in our joints and the stretching of our skin, muscles, and ligaments.
  • The brain typically responds to this sensory input by sending messages back to the muscles that control the movement of our joints.

Neuro Connect devices carry a subtle energy pattern that resonates the sensory nerve receptors. When neuro-pathways are optimized, joints and muscles function properly to improve Balance, Control, and Strength.

  • One Neuro Connect Infused Shaft Bands- Set of 15 bands per package.
  • Do not use with other Neuro Connect products.