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Maltby 2020 Clubmaking Academy

Master your Clubmaking

The GolfWorks Canada proudly presents our 2020 state-of-the-art clubmaking program. Golf enthusiasts and clubmakers alike have traveled from all over the world to take one of our exclusive PGA accredited classes!


3 Days - $275.00 plus HST

Basic Fitting and Assembly

This three day school is an introduction to Golf Club Fitting and Assembly. It is designed for the beginner and briefly covers all topics involved with fitting and assembly. Each student will go through the fitting process and then build three clubs to their evaluation results. The procedures for assembling golf clubs will include everything from a hobbyist building clubs at home to a large volume repair shop. This course discusses theory while being very hands on.

Due to the high demand for our schools here in Canada and because many people are unable to commit to a four day school we have created this three day course. During the three days each student will go through a “mini-fitting”, which is a shorter, dynamic fitting session preferred by many professionals and people in the industry. This process will cover club design and the affect on golf club performance, along with all the basics of fitting loft, lie, club length, flex, swingweight and total weight. Students will be taught how to select the right shafts and grips and the correct set make-up for better scoring. Not only will the students learn this valuable information about their own swing and clubs, they will learn how to fit other golfers and help them select the correct components for their game.

During the assembly portion of the school, you will learn the professional assembly techniques that apply to everyone from the hobbyist to a high volume repair shop. You will learn the techniques for assembling woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and putters with steel or graphite shafts. You will use the information obtained from the fitting process to build a graphite shafted driver, steel shafted 6 iron and a putter. We will also share the “tricks of the trade” that come with our experience in the golf industry. Included in the tuition cost are the three clubs you take with you, instruction books and videos.

PGA of Canada Education Credit

Our schools are recognized by the Golf Association of Canada for education credits required towards attainment of Class A Professional designation. We will provide eligible PGA of Canada Apprentices Professional with a record of attendance for education credit.



2020 Schedule

4 Days - $690.00 plus HST

Advanced Shaft Technology And Professional Clubfitting

This is an advanced school with focus on combining Shaft Technology and Professional Clubfitting. Over the past few years our technical staff has regularly been asked by people in the golf industry or who have graduated from one of our other schools “what in depth fitting and shaft training can be taken in Canada” and that is the intent of this new school. It in not recommended to someone just getting started and it assumes anyone attending this school has experience in club making and club fitting. Graduates of this course will have knowledge and an edge setting them apart from others in the industry.

Each student will go through the complete fitting process and learn the specifics of each variable being measured then assemble a complete set of frequency matched irons ($500.00 value) that is included in the course fee.

Advanced Shaft Technology

Professional Clubfitting

2020 Schedule


The GolfWorks has been conducting professional golf club repair, fitting and assembly schools since 1982. We have hosted thousands of students from all over the world. Unlike other companies who teach club repair and actually repair very few clubs, we repair thousands of clubs yearly. Among the people who have placed faith in us to provide them with the knowledge of golf club repair, fitting and assembly currently work for companies like Callaway, Titleist, Nike, True Temper, UST, Golf Galaxy, Dick's Sporting Goods and more.

Our premier technical experts provide you with the most comprehensive clubmaking instruction offered in the industry today. Our classes qualify for the PGA and LPGA Continuing Education Programs. The academys instruction manuals are written by Ralph Maltby, who is the leading authority on club design, fitting, and repair. Hundreds of golf professionals from the PGA of America have also attended our schools. Why? Because the teaching manuals used in our schools are also used by the PGA of America in their seminars and workshops. In fact, many golf professionals choose to supplement their PGA-based education by visiting the source of golf club repair, fitting and assembly.

How To Attend

Space for these schools is limited. Registering for a GolfWorks Clubmaking Academy program is as simple as picking up the phone. Just call our toll-free number 1-800-387-5331 or fax us at 1-800-668-2188 and request a school packet. We will send a complete brochure, as well as an application for attendance and hotel accommodation information. Fill out the application and return it to The GolfWorks Canada. Our staff will contact you with the date of your class and any other necessary details.

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Did You Know?

GolfWorks Instructional Books have been chosen by the Professional Golfers Association of America for instruction at their own schools.
The Maltby Clubmaking Academy has taught over 14,000 students from around the world during its 35 years of existence.
The faculty comprises over 150 years combined experience in clubmaking, clubhead design and manufacturing.
The Maltby Clubmaking Academy has taught hundreds of well-known clubmaking, golf and industry professionals.
The Maltby Clubmaking Academy is the world's foremost authority on golf equipment and repair.
The GolfWorks offers the most complete catalog of golf clubmaking instructional books and videos in the industry.


"The information covered in class has already come into play here in my shop, and in my own game as well. The GolfWorks has always been a great company to order from and I will continue to tell others of the great experience I had at your facility." - S. Mullenn
"I enjoyed the hands-on approach and being able to put the techniques we learned to use. The equipment was very easy to use." - D. Klein